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5 Bike Themed Cafes in Bangalore Incase You’re Going Cafe Hopping!

Cafe hopping is the new in! Allow us to take you around our ooru with these bike themed cafes in Bangalore that reek of all things two wheels.

Keep reading to find out our best 5 bike themed cafes in Bangalore now!

1. Riders Inn

Google Map Location: Riders Inn, Bangalore

This quaint cafe in a corner of St Mark’s Road will be a treat to both your eyes and tummy! The interiors of Riders Inn is a perfect representation of what an Inn meant for riders would look like. If you’re looking for a nice little spot in the cafe during the weekends, be sure to arrive really early as the number of bike enthusiasts visiting this place is unusually high, especially between 1 PM to 3 PM.

Riders Inn motorcycle themed cafes in bangalore
Credits: Riders Inn

You can expect a lot of riders returning from a long bike ride to get refreshed before hitting home too! So if you spot someone wearing a jet black jacket, rugged boots and a heck load of biking gear on their cafe table, approach them with any random biking question and they’ll be a great conversationalist throughout!

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2. Moto Store & Cafe

Google Map Location: Moto Store and Cafe, Bangalore

From waffles to biking accessories, you can ask them for absolutely anything! Moto Store and Cafe is gradually gathering forces to bring back motorcycling as a form of art rather than just a sport. The biking scene in Bangalore has upped its game after Moto Store opened up at Ulsoor.

moto store and cafe-bike themed cafes in bangalore
Credits: Moto Store and Cafe

Step into the world of a motorcycle fanatic and be amazed to find subtle references to major bikers of the world. Indulge in more than just gorgeous food! The hip wooden tables make it even more rustic than it already is. It’s almost as if you were living in a garage.

Moto Store and Cafe motorcycle cafe bangalore
Credits: Moto Store and Cafe

3. TORQ92 Cafe

Google Map Location: TORQ92 Cafe, Bangalore

Is it a cafe? Is it a store? Is it a garage? It’s everything! The cafe situated in Sahakara Nagar, Bangalore is more than just a cafe. For motorcycling fanatics, this is one of bike themed cafes to rejuvenate oneself and breathe all things bike! They offer one of the classiest breakfasts that you can imagine and even do home deliveries if you can’t get enough. There’s an outdoor seating available that makes this cafe stand out as a place to escape the busy city life.

TORQ92 Cafe motorcycle themed restaurants in bangalore
Credits: Likhith Kurba

The name of this cafe is loosely based on a scientific term ‘torque’ which means applying a twist to an object and we’re not complaining! It is a true ode to the biking generation and you have to visit the cafe this weekend! Although a good suggestion would be visiting during the week between 11 AM to 1 PM when the crowd is just beginning to burgeon.

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4. Driven Cafe

Google Map Location: Driven Cafe, Bangalore

If there’s one cafe that offers bikes, coffee, and cars, it is the Driven Cafe on Residency Road. They own the term ‘rustic’ to an extent that is unimaginable to a non-motorcycle enthusiast. Your eyes will water even before stepping into this cafe. When a Bangalorean rides along the Residency Road, it’s impossible that he fails to notice the entirety of beauty this cafe reflects on the road.

Driven Cafe bikers cafe bangalore
Credits: Driven Cafe, Zomato

With bike chains hanging on the walls and tyres decorated all over the cafe, this is a gift from God to all the motorbike fans. You will most definitely notice walking encyclopedias enlightening their peers about the different kinds of bikes that exist in our world when you get here. You will mostly fail to notice the extravagant array of desserts displayed behind the glass until you’re completely exhausted!

5. Rasta Cafe

Google Map Location: Rasta Cafe, Bangalore

If you’re a biker and have never heard of Rasta Cafe, something has been missing from your life for a long time. Rasta Cafe is a temple for bikers, a place they visit no matter what happens. Situated at multiple locations throughout the city, this cafe serves out-of-the-box breakfast platters with the most bizarre titles on the menu like ‘Don Corleone Frittata’ and much more that will give you the goosebumps easily!

Rasta Cafe garage themed cafe bangalore
Credits: Rasta Cafe, Zomato

They also serve wood-fire pizzas that are mouth-watering and absolutely delicious until the last bite. Although the interiors are not bike-themed, Rasta Cafe is a synonym for bikers’ cafe since the beginning of time. Have you been there yet?

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