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If you are in Instagram and Love to Click Images then these Most Instagrammed Photography Spots in Bangalore would be next Target for you.

Instagram reach has always been the Hot Topic in our Generation – be it Fashion, Music, Art or any other field. According to Sprout Social, Instagram gets the traffic of 800 Million Active Users/Month.

We did our research and found 10 Extremely Photogenic places in Bangalore which scream out Instagram!

10 Popular Instagram Photography Spots in Bangalore:

1. IME – J.P. Nagar

Google Map Location: Indian Music Experience, J.P Nagar

There’s so much more to J.P Nagar than Rangashankara and most of it is unexplored. Indian Music Experience (IME) is still under construction but everything about it already so appealing.

IME is a museum which caters to the New Age and offers a whole new outtake to anything related to music.

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instagram photography spots in bangalore - IME

2. Church Street – M.G. Road

Google Map Location : Church Street Metro Station

Church Street is the living embodiment of Art in Bangalore. Every Active Instagrammer in the city knows this fact and can’t deny it.

There’s always something new happening in this area and even if there isn’t, you’d still find to capture.

The metro station which opens out to Church Street has been beautifully painted by the St+Art team and it has been attracting people from all corners of the city just to see it for themselves.

Get your friends to this place and make them our Photography Models!

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instagram photography spots in bangalore - Church Street

3. The Wishing Chair – Indiranagar

Google Map Location: The Wishing Chair

Alice in Wonderland does exist and it’s near Glen’s Bakehouse in Indiranagar.

Fairy lights, pastel shades and everything under the sky -they have it! They also have a cute little cafe inside the store which serves huge portions of food for a reasonable budget.

You’d be instantly teleported to the Mad Hatter’s garden tea party and never leave! Take your girlfriends for a visual treat and make all your Instagram Followers jealous!

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instagram photography spots in bangalore - The Wishing Chair

4. Entertainment Store – Indiranagar

Google Map Location : Entertainment Store

The store in Church Street is no less but the sister store in Indiranagar has taken us to the next level!

They brought in the infamous couch from Friends and brought back all our emotions in one go. The glass window behind the couch has the ‘Central Perk’ logo on it too.

Things couldn’t be more perfect! You could order coffee and sit here with your friends for the whole day, week or year.

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instagram photography spots in bangalore - Entertainment Store Indiranagar

instagram photography spots in bangalore - Entertainment Store

5. Sankey Tank – Malleshwaram

Google Map Location : Sankey Tank

You wouldn’t think that a lake could be Instagram-worthy, would you? Head out to Sankey Tank and get a treat for a lifetime.

The sun sets perfectly and so slowly that the time around you actually stops.

Put on a phone stand and record the whole sunset to get an amazing time-lapse that you can post on Instagram and wow your followers!

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instagram photography spots in bangalore - Sankey Tank

6. Socials

Google Map Location : Church Street Social

Socials is meant to be Instagram at any given point of the day. Sober or not, get off the table and walk around the area.

You’ll find so many frames that your phone memory won’t be enough to capture them all.

Either inside Socials or outside, get posing and get framing! Also, tag them on Instagram and you might be featured on their page.

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instagram photography spots in bangalore - Socials


Google Map Location : National Gallery of Modern Art

This quiet secluded place on Palace Road is one of Bangalore’s proud Museums which most people are unaware of.

National Gallery of Modern Art is nothing what a museum looks like and they even have a local cafe inside which serves you amazing ‘bisi bele bath’ off the stove!

They always have an event scheduled up on their notice board, so make sure to check out their website before heading out.

Or, go unplanned and get ready to be amazed either way. Increase your Instagram reach like a boss!

instagram photography spots in bangalore - NGMA

8. Tipu Sultan Summer Palace

Google Map Location: Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

If you’re more of a vintage lover, plan a morning visit to the Bangalore famous Tipu Sultan Palace to get your own dose of vintage vibes.

You’ll not only adore the architecture of the olden era but feel jealous that you’re not a princess.

But, you could be one today! Get your photograph clicked in the palace and be instantly teleported to the past.

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instagram photography spots in bangalore - Tipu Sultan Summer Place

9. Ministry of Pizza (Now Closed)

Who isn’t a foodie in life? And if you say that you aren’t, you’re lying. There’s a place in the city which serves fully loaded freak shakes which you’ll be afraid to try because you wouldn’t know where to start from!

This freak shake drips on all sides and is an actual eye-candy. Before you indulge in this devious freak shake, don’t forget to post on your feed to tell everyone how much of a cool freak you are!

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instagram photography spots in bangalore - Ministry of Pizza

10. Blossom’s Book Store, Church Street

Google Map Location : Blossoms Book Store

Book lover or not, head over to our city’s oldest treasures and plead for staying in forever!

This bookstore boasts about having every genre book, however old the edition might be and it couldn’t get more real.

The fiction floor is the most beautiful floor you’ll ever climb to and you can even sell your old books here to gain book credits! What better way to dazzle your Instagram reach?

instagram photography spots in bangalore - Blossom's Book Store

Bangalore has so much to offer, with its glam, its generosity and its culture. The Bangalore Mysore Highway is an example of utter adventure. Do check out these places to visit on the way to Mysore from Bangalore.

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