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Bike Rentals in Bhopal


We simplified bike rentals, so you can focus on what's important to you.


Safe Rides

Your safety is our priority. From sanitizing all bikes before every use, to extensive on-ground safety measures, your rides with ONN will always be safe and reliable. We also offer helmets on-demand.


Flexible Ownership

Enjoy the freedom of owning a two-wheeler without the hefty down-payments, EMIs and paperwork. Now choose from rent-to-own, monthly/quarterly bookings, and even daily plans.


Smarter Mobility

With your trusty ONN app, you can choose any bike, make instant payments, get offers, and manage all aspect of your ONN experience right from the comfort and ease of your mobile app.


ONN Stations

Your local ONN Station is here to make ensure your two-wheeler experience is flawless. At your neighborhood station, you get to pick any bike, get maintenance, sanitized, and a lot more.

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Office No. 8, Floor-3, Plot-422, Nav Bhavna, Swatantrya Veer Savarkar Road, Prabhadevi Mumbai Mumbai City MH 400025 IN


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  • 2nd floor, office, near Subash chowk, gurgaon 122001

Top FAQs for Hassle Free Bike Renting Experience.

How do I pay?
You can pay online using debit/credit card or e-wallets. You can also pay at the hub station during your vehicle pick-up.

Where can I pick up the bike from?
While booking your bike, you’ll be given an option to select a pick-up location in your vicinity.

What documents do I need to submit while booking?
Customer must handover his/ her original Driving License during pick up of bike at the station to the delivery executive. It is mandatory to handover a local address proof/ Company ID copy/ Hotel Receipt/ or any other recognised local address proof to the delivery executive.

Will I be getting a complimentary helmet?
One complimentary helmet is provided at no additional cost.
An additional helmet (Extra) can be rented from the station for Rs. 50.
Customers can only rent 2 helmets per booking.
A fee of Rs. 800 will be imposed if the helmet is damaged or lost.

How do I pay?
You can pay online using debit/credit card or e-wallets. You can also pay at the hub station during your vehicle pick-up.

Where can I pick up the bike from?
While booking your bike, you’ll be given an option to select a pick-up location in your vicinity.

What documents do I need to submit while booking?
Customer must handover his/ her original Driving License during pick up of bike at the station to the delivery executive. It is mandatory to handover a local address proof/ Company ID copy/ Hotel Receipt/ or any other recognised local address proof to the delivery executive.

Will I be getting a complimentary helmet?
ONN Bikes provides one helmet with each booking. The second helmet is provided, if needed and is subject to availability.

If you have any more doubts, please visit our FAQ Section
Our Daily Bike Renting Plan is the most affordable plan in India. Check out our Fleet and Pricing section on top for more detailed information and if you are a bike enthusiast, check out our Blog.

Bike Rental Bhopal Made Effortless With ONN Bikes

Discovering the enchanting city of lakes and cultural heritage has never been more convenient, all thanks to ONN Bikes' streamlined bike rental solutions. Nestled in the heart of Bhopal, where the serenity of lakes meets the cultural richness, ONN Bikes stands out as the ultimate companion for savvy travellers. We offer an extensive array of two-wheelers to cater to the discerning urban explorer. Whether you're looking for the agility of a scooty on rent in Bhopal to navigate the vibrant markets of the city or yearning for a robust motorcycle to embark on a journey through the scenic roads, ONN Bikes fulfils every desire seamlessly.

Bhopal itself is a blend of cultural heritage, from architectural gems like the Taj-ul-Masajid to the serene beauty of Upper Lake and the modern vibrancy of New Market. With ONN Bikes, every resident or visitor now has the opportunity to immerse themselves in the city's rich cultural tapestry and embrace its forward-looking spirit. Renting a bike in Bhopal isn't just about securing transportation; it's about unlocking an experience rooted in history and tailored for the future.

Daily Commute and Beyond: ONN Bikes’ Network in Bhopal

ONN Bikes revolutionises your daily commute in Bhopal with a comprehensive network of bike stations, ensuring that you can effortlessly find a reliable two-wheeler no matter where you are in the city. Our strategically located stations cater to bustling areas like MP Nagar, the academic precincts around BHEL, and commercial districts such as New Market and Arera Colony, simplifying your bike on rent in Bhopal search with just a few taps on your device.

Whether it's for swift city navigation during peak hours or a planned escape to serene locations like Van Vihar, ONN Bikes offers you the flexibility and convenience of scooty on rent in Bhopal. Within our diverse assortment of bicycles, meticulously crafted to meet varied requirements, rest assured that whether you find yourself in the academic realm, pursuing a professional path, or exploring as a tourist, there's a bike ideally attuned to your needs. Moreover, for individuals seeking a prolonged, economically viable commuting solution, we extend our monthly rental bikes in Bhopal. With our presence in prominent locales such as TT Nagar, Arera Hills, and Shahpura, ONN Bikes has become synonymous with bikes on rent in Bhopal near me, ready to enhance your urban travel experience.

Monthly Subscription for Affordable Bike on Rent in Bhopal

For our patrons in Bhopal seeking a more permanent commuting solution, ONN Bikes introduces a comprehensive monthly subscription plan. These plans are thoughtfully designed to accommodate various preferences, offering the convenience of having a bike without the commitment of ownership.

Subscription PlanAverage Monthly Price RangeBenefits
BasicRs 2500 - Rs 3500Access to economy and commuter bikes, perfect for daily rides with minimal maintenance concerns.
StandardRs 3500 - Rs 5500Includes higher-end scooters and commuter bikes, with added perks like free service check-ups.
PremiumRs 5500 - Rs 7500For those seeking the thrill of premium and sports bikes, with the added benefit of priority customer support.
LuxuryRs 7500 and aboveWe offer unlimited access to our luxury cruisers and superbikes, along with exclusive deals and offers.

Subscribers can relish unlimited rides within the city limits, with the flexibility to pick up and drop off at any ONN Bikes station in Bhopal. Regular maintenance checks are included in the package, ensuring that your ride is always in prime condition. The monthly subscription not only provides convenience but also translates into significant savings compared to daily rentals, making it an economical choice for regular riders.

Types of Rental Bikes We Offer in Bhopal

ONN Bikes derives satisfaction from catering to a varied clientele through an array of two-wheelers meticulously fashioned to align with distinct riding inclinations and preferences. Let's delve deeper into our assortment:

Bike typeModels availableDaily rateFeatures
ScootersHonda Activa, TVS Jupiter, Suzuki AccessRs. 350 - 500Nimble and fuel-efficient, it is ideal for navigating city traffic and short commutes.
Commuter bikesBajaj Pulsar, Yamaha FZ, Hero SplendorRs. 500 - 650A balance of power and fuel economy, suitable for both city travel and longer journeys.
Sports bikesKTM Duke, Bajaj Dominar, Honda CBRRs. 750 - 1,000High-performance machines for those who love speed and agility.
Luxury cruisersRoyal Enfield Classic, Harley Davidson Street 750Rs. 1,000 - 1,500It offers a robust and comfortable ride, perfect for long-distance travel and leisure rides.
Electric bikesAther 450X, Revolt RV400Rs. 400 - 600Eco-friendly options for the environmentally conscious rider with the latest technology.

Our fleet guarantees that whether you're in search of a budget-friendly bike rental in Bhopal for daily errands or a high-end model for a thrilling ride on open roads, ONN Bikes is an ideal choice for you. From practical and convenient scooters to the exhilaration of sports bikes, each model is meticulously maintained to the highest standards, ensuring both your safety and riding pleasure.

Where Can You Find Rental Two-Wheelers in Bhopal?

Bhopal, with its unique blend of cultural heritage and modern amenities, offers convenient locations for hassle-free bike rentals through ONN Bikes. Whether you're a visitor eager to explore the city's landmarks or a local seeking a daily commuting solution, here are some prime locations where you can discover ONN Bikes:


    Located at 14, 15 Senior LIG, Main Rd No. 3, opposite Nagar Nigam Diesel Filling Station, Harshavardhan Nagar, Panchsheel Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462003, this pickup and drop location is perfect for students and residents alike.

Our strategic locations across the city ensure that, when you search for bike rentals near me in Bhopal, ONN Bikes is your immediate and top choice. Whether you're cruising through the streets for daily errands or exploring the city's attractions, ONN Bikes provides a reliable, convenient, and affordable biking option within your reach.

How Can You Benefit Your B2B Business from ONN Bikes in Bhopal?

ONN Bikes extends its rental services to businesses throughout Bhopal with a comprehensive B2B offering. Acknowledging the unique needs of companies, especially those with dynamic delivery requirements, ONN Bikes provides a fleet solution that promises reliability and efficiency.

Businesses in Bhopal can benefit from:

  1. Customised Leasing Plans:Tailored to accommodate various operational scales, from startups to established enterprises.

  2. Fleet Variety:A wide selection of bikes, from economical models for routine deliveries to high-end bikes for executive travel.

  3. Maintenance & Support:Comprehensive support ensuring minimal downtime and consistent performance.

  4. Scalability: As your business expands, so can your fleet with our flexible leasing options.

Our B2B services cater to a range of industries in Bhopal, from food delivery to courier services, ensuring that ONN Bikes has a mobility solution to meet your business's needs. Partner with us for seamless operations that keep your business moving forward.

Conclusion: Embrace the Journey With ONN Bikes

As we conclude our journey, remember that ONN Bikes is here to redefine your two-wheeler rental experience within Bhopal. Providing a fluid rental experience tailored to harmonise with your lifestyle and timetable, we present a diverse range of bikes to suit every rider and plan to meet every need. We invite you to uncover the potential firsthand by exploring our website. There, you can immerse yourself in the specifics of our fleet, explore customer-centric rental options, and choose the bike that aligns with your adventurous spirit.

Whether it's a ride around the serene Upper Lake or a day-long exploration of the historic Bhojtal, your perfect two-wheeler companion awaits. Connect with us today and transform your travel aspirations into reality. With ONN Bikes, it's not just about reaching your destination—it's about savouring the joy of the ride.

FAQs About Bike on Rent in Bhopal

How can I find a bike for rent in Bhopal near me?

Locating the nearest ONN Bikes station in Bhopal is convenient through our website or mobile app. Our extensive network of pick-up points is strategically spread across the city, ensuring easy access for users.

What types of two-wheeler rent options does ONN Bikes provide in Bhopal?

ONN Bikes offers a diverse range of options in Bhopal, including scooters, commuter bikes, sports bikes, and luxury bikes. This variety caters to different preferences and purposes, ensuring there's a suitable choice for every rider

Can I rent a bike in Bhopal for a month?

Absolutely! Our monthly subscription plans in Bhopal are designed for those looking for a long-term rental. These plans provide access to a variety of bikes at competitive rates, making them an economical choice for extended usage.

What are the benefits of using a bike rental app in Bhopal?

Our app in Bhopal offers a seamless experience, allowing users to instantly book, manage their rental plans, and access exclusive offers on the go. It simplifies the entire rental process, providing convenience at your fingertips.

Is there an option for a scooty on rent in Bhopal?

Yes, ONN Bikes provides various scooter models for rent in Bhopal. These scooters are perfect for city commuting, offering a nimble and fuel-efficient option for users.

Do you offer sports or luxury bikes for rent in Bhopal?

Certainly! In Bhopal, we cater to enthusiasts with a selection of sports and luxury bikes, delivering a premium riding experience. These high-performance machines are ideal for those who love speed and agility or seek a robust and comfortable ride.

How does ONN Bikes ensure the safety of riders when renting bikes in Bhopal?

Rider safety is our top priority in Bhopal. We achieve this by regularly maintaining and inspecting our fleet. Our bikes undergo thorough quality checks to meet two-wheeler safety standards. Additionally, we provide helmets with every rental and strongly encourage riders to follow traffic rules for a secure and enjoyable experience.

How does ONN Bikes support businesses with B2B services in Bhopal?

Our B2B services in Bhopal offer customised leasing plans and a reliable fleet to support various business needs, especially those with dynamic delivery requirements. The comprehensive support ensures minimal downtime and consistent performance, and our flexible leasing options allow scalability as your business expands.

What makes ONN Bikes the best bike rental in Bhopal?

ONN Bikes stands out in Bhopal with its vast array of bikes, flexible rental plans, and user-friendly booking system. The unparalleled rental experience is characterised by convenience, variety, and a commitment to providing the best service to our users in Bhopal.